Chelyabinsk Trams Map

Official Chelyabinsk Trams Map

Chelyabinsk trams transit map version 2 Download PDF

The new map is a "work on mistakes". When developing the new version, we relied on the results of testing the first version.

Simpler is better

The new map's graphics are simpler, more memorable.

There are no extra bus lines on the new scheme. Thanks to that we managed to make the scheme cleaner and simpler. Its shape is more memorable. There are no unnecessary bends.

Two maps

There were two problems with stops in the first version. The first was that the names were located unevenly and on different sides of the lines. The second was that the end stops were dropping out of the general list, and some people didn't notice them.

The new version solved both problems. The stops are evenly placed on one side of the lines and the end names are part of the overall list.

Stop names

Bigger font

By doing away with extra lines it also turned out to increase the font significantly, despite the reduction of the format.

Fonts compare


The map shows landmarks that can be reached by tram.

New icons


Lev Vladov (Chelyabinsk’s Urbanist) helped us with negotiations with the administration and placing the map in the trams. Lev and the first printed map:

Lev Vladov

Now the map is posted in all trams in Chelyabinsk.

Map in tram


Art-director Ilya Birman

Designers Polina Lesnikova and Alexander Karavaev

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