Customer Service Section in CRM

Customer Service Section in CRM


Customer Service is Action's customer support. They are qualified specialists who can solve various problems of users: problems with access to products, payment problems, lost documents, etc. For each problem a ticket is created. Each request has to be solved within a day.


  • The need to use an older version of the CRM.
  • The high cost of maintaining two versions of the CRM.


  • Disable the support module in the old CRM.
  • Release the new module, improve the manager's workflow.


I started by studying the process. This included interviews with customers and future users. Keys takeaways:

  • Each application must be processed within 24 hours.
  • The manual creation of ticket requires a lot of attention as there is no possibility to switch to another interface. In this case, all the data is erased and you have to start all over again.
  • There is no possibility of transferring the ticket directly to another manager.
  • And other major and minor issues.

All the knowledge was set out in a task description.

Key takeaways

After agreeing the description with the customers, I started to do low fidelity prototyping.

Low fidelity prototypes

The first prototype was assembled quickly and was needed for one thing - to see if I had chosen the right direction. I showed this prototype to the customer. It turned out that my sketches were not suitable for the required scenarios.

The second approach started the same way with pencil sketches.

Second approach

Before even taking on wireframes, I showed these sketches to the customer. The customer said that this kind of future service was suitable for the required tasks. After that, I drew the future screens in Figma and discussed the prototype with the customer.

First screens

After a few edits, I drew all the layouts.

All layouts

If a customer writes an email describing a problem, a ticket for that problem is automatically created and appears in the left column. The middle block is where all dialogue with the customer takes place. Each message is sent to the customer in a separate email.

Main screen

If a customer calls, a new ticket is created by the support manager and all the necessary details are entered.

Creating a ticket


At the time of the project description, 60% of the module in ERM has been implemented.

  • It allow us to disable several modules in old CRM.
  • We have managed to reduce the development team to support the CRM. This has reduced support costs.

Personal Learnings

Realised the importance of feedback in the early stages of product development. Early lowfidelity prototypes make it possible to cut out unnecessary options very cheaply and find working solutions within a few days.

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