Alexander Karavaev, designer

Alexander Karavaev

Hello! I'm a Product Designer who love people and make their lives simplier.

More than 4 years I love to find problems, dive into it and deliver simple solutions. I put the user in the center of my approach. I like to learn about human psycology, cognitivie biases and limitations and imply all these knowlenge into my work. Before that I worked as a Graphic, Web and Wayfinding designer for 5 years.

Wayfinding, graphic and web design

Pet projects


As a result of the terrible war in Ukraine, many people found it difficult to work. Some have lost all their sources of income. The IT remained one of those areas where income is stable and it is possible to leave Russia. Many began to think about changing careers.

On my blog, I have offered free help to everyone who want to change careers. I work with four people every week. When I work with them, I not only help them, but I also learn from them: I observe them, spot points of growth, learn to give feedback, and hone my communication skills.